Our History

A History of LAUTR in Connection to CPTP

The Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency, funded by the federal Teacher Quality Partnerships grant (2010-2020), was a teacher credentialing and master’s program created by California State University, Los Angeles’ Charter College of Education, the Center for Collaborative Education, and a partnership of community organizations designed to equip future teachers to close the achievement gap through excellence, equity and innovation in the classrooms of various school districts in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency was a program founded on principles of social justice. LAUTR provided aspiring urban teachers with coursework and training that included co-teaching with a mentor teacher for an entire school year in Los Angeles. During the program, LAUTR Residents worked alongside a Mentor teacher to learn the essential skills, habits, and knowledge that would best position them to be excellent teachers in urban schools.

Since its inception in 2010, LAUTR trained nine cohorts of equity-minded teachers from ethnically diverse backgrounds (76% across all cohorts). Many LAUTR Graduates are now in teacher leadership roles, including those who are serving as Mentors in the CPTP program and have come full circle in the mentoring cycle.

The program model design of CPTP was informed by our experience and learnings from the LAUTR work. As it was founded within a social justice framework, LAUTR surfaced a few major barriers in the process of becoming a credentialed teacher, particularly for people from communities that have been historically and chronically under-resourced.

These barriers made us understand the necessity of building a community-based teacher pipeline with younger students, offering an all-major pathway for inspiring and exploring teaching, and providing a multi-tiered support system for academic and career development to mitigate the barriers.

Serving 300 community college students as they begin a journey in becoming teachers, CPTP strengthens the teaching profession by elevating it and making it accessible to students of color for a diverse teacher pipeline.