Teacher Mentoring Network

The CPTP Teacher Mentoring Network (TMN) is a significant part of the multi-tiered design of the Enhanced Advisory Mentoring model. A key part of what makes TMN so significant is that it offers the community college students access to a network of educators who are and will be accessible beyond the initial four semesters of one-on-one mentoring. As the students transfer to academic settings following their studies at the community college, the TMN will be there to walk the journey with them; offering insights and encouragement.

Mentor Teachers, Student Participants, and other local educators interested in cultivating a culture of mentorship at the CPTP partner community colleges together build community partnerships that provide potential teacher candidates opportunities for exploration. TMN is part of the model that helps the CPTP to be sustainable over the long haul and for many potential teacher candidates, provides inspiration and helps solidify the pipeline into the teaching profession.

"I love how all sessions are engaging, thought provoking, with the CPTP team being so warm, encouraging, supportive, & create a brave space! Today's session was empowering and love how all the sessions build upon each other by reviewing and scaffolding on each other. The videos are very helpful to break down the information of what happened in history and seeing the snapshots of history makes it personal."

Why a teacher mentoring network (TMN)?

While 80% of the teacher workforce in the United States is white, and 60% white teachers in the state of California, the student body in California's public education is 80% Students of Color and closer to 85% Students of Color in Los Angeles. There are a variety of root causes that have led to disparities and under-representation in the number of Teachers of Color compared to the racial demographics of both local communities and the United States overall.

One of the activities of CPTP Teacher Mentoring Network (TMN) is to engage in on-going analysis of racialized inequity, systemic oppression and dominance, both in society in general and public education more specifically. This inquiry and analysis will allow our mentor, student, and community participants to listen, learn, and participate in conversations about the implementation and impact of current and historic systemic racism and inequity and develop greater understanding of why the CPTP program has the objective of strengthening the teaching profession through barrier removal and the focused intention of increasing the number of Teachers of Color specifically.

Community Building For All

With a focus on health and wellness, collective ownership, and community development, action, and leadership opportunities, the CPTP Teacher Mentoring Network (TMN) is a space designed to nurture connection and belonging. Through affinity groups, professional learning communities, and experiences of kinship, TMN encourages, celebrates, amplifies, empowers and supports CPTP mentor teachers, community college students, and other educators participating in the network while providing exploration and inspiration opportunities for CPTP community college student participants (particularly, but not exclusively Students of Color) as they consider the intersectionalities involved in becoming a teacher as a Person of Color.