Excellence and
for Everyone

Our Mission

To partner with schools, districts, and communities to increase educational equity to ensure that students succeed and communities thrive.

Our History

Our Philosphy

Our Team

Since 1994, CCE has promoted educational excellence and equity. CCE was at the forefront of the Autonomous Schools movement. Through reform, we have increased the number of teachers of color and replaced one-size-fits-all performance metrics for students. Our  humanistic approach and focus on results-based accountability  balances the reciprocal needs of communities and individuals.

We call for action based on humility. We approach problems as listeners and learners. Our goals are simple: increase community voice and ownership and decrease negative social determinants. To do so, we must co-create and  collaborate with communities and schools.

Our unique philosophy and community-centered approach to innovation comes from deep listening and applied knowledge backed by data-driven dialogue. Our team is made up of seasoned educators, public policy advisors, and community members.

Be the change education needs. Start building a better playing field for everyone.