to Make
an Impact

A Full Funnel Focus

 Our programs exist to create an equitable, viable, and sustainable Pre-K through 16 and beyond educational pipeline by identifying systemic drivers of inequity and collaboratively building solutions that leverage the unique strengths of each community.

Strengthening Teacher Workforce

CCE’s Educator Pipeline aims to increase engagement and educational improvement for students of color by creating a more diverse teacher workforce. By partnering with communities, schools and community colleges, CCE breaks down the bureaucratic barriers that block potential teachers of color from entering the profession.

Building Schools That Work For Their Community

Most schools and communities don’t work together to support student success and community prosperity. CCE’s Reciprocity Project creates a model of shared ownership by putting communities at the heart of the discussion.

Reframing Learning & School Success

CCE’s Quality Performance Assessment (QPA) Coaching aims to create a more humanistic way for districts, schools, and communities to measure student and school success. We provide districts and communities support to move beyond the one-size-fits-all narrative for student and school success.

Driving Change Through Innovation

One of the key ways to achieve system-wide educational innovation is through Autonomous Schools that are granted independence and flexibility in such key areas as staffing and budget. From its inception, CCE has been a driving force behind these engines of innovation, and Autonomies 2.0 builds on their success while addressing remaining challenges.

Be the change education needs. Start building a better playing field for everyone.