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Build Together


CCE provides technical support and coaching to schools and districts that are committed to moving beyond a one-size-fits-all model of schooling. Based on deep listening, we provide support to schools, districts and communities to create a more humanistic approach for measuring student growth and school success.


Through our coaching, CCE seeks to tell a different story about schools and students. This narrative focuses on a school’s strengths as much as its challenges. We work with schools to document the steps and actions that they are taking to tell their own stories.


CCE provides support through our Quality Performance Assessment (QPA) coaching and our teacher driven assessment task bank. This coaching engages teachers in designing assessments and student learning. Through equity driven scorecards, we provide tools for schools and communities to identify their strengths and challenges to build better solutions.


CCE provides a wide variety of tools, coaching, documentation, and facilitation. These services provide schools and communities with supports to build sustainable capacity and ownership for this work.


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