Strengthening and
Diversifying the
Teacher Workforce


CCE has an extensive history in building educator pipelines. Since 2010 we have worked with the LA Unified Schools to to build the LA Unified Teacher Residency and the LA Principal Program. We have also done this work in Boston with the Boston Principal Residency.

One of the primary obstacles to engagement and educational improvement for students of color is the lack of teachers and school leaders from diverse backgrounds. Research shows that having a same-race teacher improves student outcomes significantly and reduces disparities between students of color and white students.


According to the Washington Post, only .1% of Latino, 4.5% of Asian, and 7% of Black students attend a school system where the portion of teachers of their race equals or exceeds the percentage of students of that race. For this reason, we have taken a multi pronged community driven approach to address this challenge by providing multiple pathways to become an educator: traditional, exploratory and apprenticeship pathways. CCE’s teacher exploratory Los Angeles-based Community Partnerships for Teacher Pipeline (CPTP), an initiative funded by a US Department of Education SEED grant, aims to build a community-based pipeline that strengthens the teaching profession by increasing the number of teachers of color.

Build Together

Our CCE Community Driven Educator Pipeline pathways aims to work with high school students, community college students, college students and career changes to navigate the regulatory thicket that might otherwise cause them to abandon their dreams through enhanced advisory mentoring and career development model within historically under-resourced schools and communities. All our pathways focus on the high-need areas of Special Education, STEM Education, and Early Childhood Education. The power of our programing rests on our Collective Ownership Model with strong partnerships between K-12 schools, communities, community colleges and four year institutions.


Community is essential. For this reason, CCE’s Community Driven Educator Pipeline partners with school districts, Los Angeles-area Community Colleges and California State Universities to empower communities and schools to go through a traditional, apprenticeship model or an exploratory path to careers in teaching by pairing them with more than 150 teacher mentors from 33 school districts. After all, building better educational playing fields for students of color begins with building better pipelines for their teachers and community-developed outcomes.


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