Patrick Camangian, PhD is shown seated, wearing a checked tweed driving cap, black jeans, black and red Air Jordans and with a shirt that reads "Teaching is Political."

CCE’s educator pathway exploration program celebrates three years

The Community Partnerships for Teacher Pathway’s gala features Dr. Patrick Camangian

Contact: Diana Williams, Director of Communications,

LOS ANGELES – The Center for Collaborative Education’s (CCE) Community Partnerships for Teacher Pathway (CPTP) program is celebrating its third year with an October gala featuring keynote speaker, Dr. Patrick Camangian.

“We are excited to look back on three years of building bridges and opening doors for more students of Color to explore the teaching profession,” said Yvonne Ribas, CCE Director of Programs. “This will be a memorable event with performances and storytelling that gives an opportunity for the CPTP community, including our students, mentors, partners, stakeholders and supporters in attendance to connect and celebrate our collective work and success together.”

Camangian is a professor of Teacher Education at the University of San Francisco where teacher quality, capacity, and retention – a focus of CPTP – are among his many expertises. He is the co-author of “Half an Inch from the Edge” a book exploring “the tensions and opportunities reflected in today’s public school classrooms in the U.S.” and wrote the foreword of “Planting the Seeds of Equity: Ethnic Studies and Social Justice in the K–2 Classroom,” a book that “provides key insights into what it means to implement social justice ideals with young children.”

CPTP is a teaching exploration program, one of the CCE Educator Pathway strands. The gala celebrates the progress and impact of the project and recognizes more than 400 student participants, over 170 teacher mentors and dozens of community partners committed to strengthening the pathways to teaching and the profession itself.

Note: For those looking to cover the event, please see the media advisory.


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